Will you face it barehandedly or want a moral support

Will you face it barehandedly or want a moral support


Hey Shuffler,

Listen to me.

Sometimes a small story can explain you what a day long workshop or seminar can’t. So I ask your attention to this little story of a boy.

He was 10 years old and lived in Japan. His only dream was to become champion in ‘Judo’ (many of you know what is Judo, if you don’t, Judo is a sibling of martial art Kung-Fu).

The boy didn’t have left hand (don’t ask why?). Even to a strong and healthy man its a ‘Lift the mountain’ effort to become champion in Judo. But without a hand what could the boy did ? you think right.

He searched around the town for a master but every Master refused to teach him Judo but looked at him compassionately.But the boy wasn’t ready to give up.

Finally one master ready to teach him. The boy was so happy and the training started the same day.

The Master taught him only one Attack for the first day. Repeated it for the second day and repeated it for all the following days, weeks and months.

After many months, the boy was tired of repeating the same technique and asked the master,”Guru, to become champion in Judo, this single Attack is not enough. Could you please teach me any other technique?”. But the Master replied,

“No. One technique is enough for you if you mastered it”.

Training continued as usual. The championship tournament started after a few months. And the boy went on stage for his first match.

The opponent was already experienced in all techniques of Judo. But surprisingly, the boy won that match.

His first victory surprised everybody. At the same time he won next next matches and reached semi-final. Even in that match he fought tough and won again. The situation is super excited.

Then was the final. The opponent was the champion for many years, when looked the boy with one hand he felt pity for him. but a fight is a fight anyway. With the confidence got by previous few victories, the boy too ready to fight now.

In the first round, the man opposite to the boy easily beat and shot down the boy. The boy’s plight shocked the viewers. The organizers said,”Shall we stop the match?” But the Master replied,” No. My boy will fight.”

In the next round, careless of the consequence, the opponent came and stood in front of the boy. The boy attacked him heavily by the one technique he learnt from his Master. The opponent fell down and never stood up for long.

The boy was announced to be the winner and became new Champion. Everybody was surprised. The boy too didn’t believe but it happened.

That evening, the boy bowed in front of the Master and asked him, ” Guru, its impossible but how did I won the match?”

The Master with smile on his face replied to the boy that, ” There are two reasons for your victory, the first one is, you mastered in one of the toughest attacks in Judo and the second one is, to prevent this attack the opponent should hold your left hand……But you don’t have one.”

As the Master explained, the boy excited about his weakness turned into strength and praised his Master.

Here I stop the story.

Let us imagine two scenarios from this story.

Scenario 1 – The Master accepted to teach the boy

For comparison, the boy is you, the one single attack you! mastered is the niche and the Master is a Mentor. Remember.

As the boy searched for a Master to train him, we need to get guidance from a Mentor regularly to shape our blog as what we think it could be.

In this story the Master knew the way to turn the boy’s weakness into strength and made him champion. Even if the boy had both hands, the Master could still knew the way by analyse what the boy could do.

As the boy didn’t have many options but one, that is the one single attack he mastered, your blog too has only one option that is to stick with the niche.

Scenario 2 – If the Master refused to teach the boy and the boy stopped search for another master

If the Master did refuse, the boy probably did search for another one as he did already. But the scenario restrict it. Could he able to learn Judo himself by seeing others practicing in grounds? or read some books and practice them step by step? Not sure.

But if he did, he probably find the right technique. The issue here is, it may takes years just to find the right technique( that is niche in our case). So a Mentor (Affiliate Link) should always there to give you moral support.

Connect yourself with a Mentor either paid or free and get his years long experiences to avoid mistakes and implement the techniques what would work best for you.

You may call him well wisher, path shower or godfather but be a Mentor is a profession now. You get professional support from a mentor to develop your blog whether by content creation or SEO or social media optimization or all things together.

I welcome your response over this story in the ways of comment share, like and subscribe.



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