The Untold Secrets Of Successful Bloggers: Split Post-1

The Untold Secrets Of Successful Bloggers: Split Post-1

Now-a-days, almost all businesses use Blog as a channel to market their products which is one part of the story. Another and vital part is hundreds of thousands of bloggers out there working hard to live by the money they earn only from their blogs. And this tendency made blogging a separate department of business.

Most of the bloggers are individuals who can’t afford their bills because the less income they earn from the ‘9-5 mill’. So the small cash they generate from adsense or cpc, ppc or bbc (!) could help them compensate the bill deficit.

Words are simple. But this entire mechanism works up on the hardly built trust of the target audience which is the crucial deciding factor of one blogger’s success.

Every blogger is working toward this goal. But this is not an easy task as exactly as a decade back. Because then, it was cushy to start on a new niche and attract the target audience as well. But today, you hardly find a niche with less than a few thousand bloggers already doing on.

So you can’t do things like a Pro Blogger when they started a five or ten years back or spend five or ten years to become like them either.

There is only one route to overcome this problem, which is to follow the secrets of successful bloggers. Yet, follow the secrets of successful bloggers is critical because you can’t going to know as Pro Bloggers are busy blogging and occasionally share their experiences.

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These things forced me to write the hardly found untold secrets of successful bloggers.

Here I used to call it secret instead of technique because the very powerful techniques of blogging are not fully explained to the beginners. You may seen some articles on this, but they too drive you to follow an affiliate link (not to complain as all we here to generate money and help solving the audience’s problems for some extent at the same time).

Enough on this. Let us jump straight into the list which will shape the way you are blogging. You can implement the secrets (techniques) one by one as they publish.

I’m not the one who knows each and every secret the successful bloggers implemented themselves, but with the experience I got over my four hard years, I reveal the many secrets so you can shortcut the precise time otherwise could be spend on find it yourself.

#Secret 1: Don’t just start… do jump start…

It is said to you that publish daily is a bad idea. But I say to you that in the beginning, if you follow this advice, just within the first few months you almost going to end up your blog. I can explain why?

With this advice in mind, say for instance, you could only post two articles per week. Chances are less for more, and so in the end of three months your blog contains 24 articles. Right? You can’t cover many topics vital in your niche.

Readers are equally knowledgeable to the writers now-a-days so they search for another good title instead of reading a same title again and again. If your blog lacks the relevant title they search for, you probably loss them visiting your blog again and they won’t subscribe either.

The Pro Bloggers are very fond of you so they warn you to avoid posting daily as it leads to quality crisis. But I say the idea itself the real crisis. There is no guarantee you deliver high quality content merely because you post once in a week. The opposite also true.

So once you opt for the niche in which you are expert (not necessarily), create a bunch of 20 or 30 or even 50 contents which could deliver all your knowledge to the readers. This is quite easy because you out of mental pressure which you definitely can’t avoid once after started your blog.

When you are ready with 50 articles in hand, do the ineluctable things of starting a blog. Then post three articles per day and create new contents with tension free at the same time.

Remember, if you look at many Pro Bloggers, they spent (or waste in other word) years to come across this crunch time. But you can avoid it to jump start your blog by following this secret (or technique!).

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Give your readers freedom of reading, that is if your blog covers almost all the relevant topics of a specific subject, they don’t need to open google in a new tab to search for another blog which may be better than yours, in which case they won’t come back to you. This problem can arise from day one. This is not a problem of matured blogs but beginners a real concern.

Every secret needs to be deeply explained; therefore I will write them in separate posts (what I like to say split posts).

It is up to you whether implement those secrets in your blogging efforts or take your own time to find one yourself or doing both at the same time. Also you are welcomed to suggest me anything you found great about blogging.


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