PAL-V Liberty, Flying Car or Driving Plane(?)

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PAL-V International is based in The Netherlands, which is started in the year 2001 with the primary vision of making a roadable aircraft (as it said). So after a long 16 years are they achieve what they born for? Yes for many reasons. By watching the video below you will realize how they engineered this revolutionary car or flight flying car.

With the well-chosen name ‘Liberty’ the PAL-V’s first commercial certified flying car is ready for pre-orders now. There is no restriction of country to use this vehicle, but it should obey your country’s regulations. Thats it.

PAL-V have developed two variants namely, Liberty Pioneer and Liberty Sport and Pioneer is a limited edition with only 90 units to buy.

The prices are €499.000,- / US$599,000, for Pioneer and €299.000,- / US$399,000, for Sport models.

Do you want to own one from India? then the price for the base model, the Liberty  Sport cost you roughly ₹ 2,67,77000/- before tax even after which you can’t drive/fly it in the country(!).

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