List of Top 5 websites to get royalty free images

Because you are running a business website or personal blog, when it comes to search for relevant images to add value to the content, its tough to find the right website to download royalty free images.

No matter if you want to spend that extra money in your wallet. There are many websites to sell you stock photos on various price points, likely monthly plans or fixed number of photos for the Dollar.

But someone planned to earn money(actually living) from blogging, its matter how to minimize the cost on content building. So here we give those folks and every other people if interested, a list of top five websites offer you to download unlimited royalty free images, that means you can use it for personal or commercial purposes unless you’re a crack shot to do it yourself.


When you google for free stock images and end up at pixabay, cheer yourself you got the right place. Every image you download from here is licensed under CC0(Creative Commons zero).

image credit: Sasint
image credit: Sasint

Not only images, you can get illustrations,vector graphics and videos from pixabay. There are thousands of subscribed contributors uploading thousands of new works every week.

In accordance with our quality measure (which includes number of images, active community, user friendly interface,various resolutions to choose, good search optimization etc.,), pixabay is worth to be in the first place. Here is the link to pixabay.


Started by creators of Crew- a company works as medium between its project submissions and freelance professionals and track everything until the work get done.

image credit: jessica weiller
image credit: jessica weiller

Unsplash maintain an active community of thousands of photographers uploading thousands of images every week. Here is the link to Unsplash.


This is the good alternative to pixabay. Their mission statement is worth mention that,

We help millions of designers, writers, artists, programmers and other creators to get access to beautiful photos that they can use freely which empowers them to create amazing products, designs, stories, websites, apps, art and other work. We call it: “Empowering Creators”

image credit: WDnet studio
image credit: WDnet studio

Here is the link to Pexels.


A team from Snappa with hard search collected thousands of stock images around the web. You may not get every image you want but you won’t be disappointed either.

image credit: Bogdan dada
image credit: Bogdan dada

No edited or crapped down photographs, so you get the full size images as of the photographer. Here is the link to Stocksnap.

5.Life of Pix

With random collection of stock photographs, this is one of the good places to get quality free stock images. The site itself is graphic intensive so takes some time to load but collections they provide may ease your patience.

image credit: Leeroy
image credit: Leeroy

Life of pix also give you free videos which leads you to another site Here is the link to Lifeofpix.

Every Photograph, Video, Illustration, or Vector art you download from above sites are copyrighted under CC0 as mentioned earlier. Ones you download an image you can use it as your own, but its a common sense that we are using other person’s stuff without pay him/her a penny, so a little gratitude by mention the name of the photographer or include link to his/her profile could be nice.

[ P.S. We actually planned to give you a list of ten so you get a few more options, but spending hours on browsing and checking around 30 to 40 websites, we our self disappointed because most of them either redirect us to their another site so as to purchase a kind of software or application, or personal blog offers a bunch of free images and the rest is for $dollar. Some business tactics. We can’t complain about it. isn’t it? ]

 You are welcomed to suggest any changes or addition of other valuable sites in the comment section below. 


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